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In 2019 Steve and I came to the realization that we couldn't find healthy, nutritious snacks to keep our hunger satisfied. With both our careers in the fitness industry and as athletes, we wanted something that was sustainable and delicious. We decided to venture out and start our own sports nutrition company        'Nam-A-Stay Gangsta.'

Steve is an amateur boxer with over 8 years of competitive experience and works as a personal trainer and boxing coach. With 29 fights, still competing and a diploma in health and fitness, Steve was able to turn his passion for food and boxing into a career.


As for myself, I am a personal trainer and have started my amateur boxing career. I have an extensive background in hospitality and I continue to fulfill my passion within the culinary and fitness world.

Combined with our busy lifestyles and workout schedules, we needed healthy food, that was convenient, portable and able to sustain us.


That's when we created Nam-A-Stay Gangsta, an all organic sports nutrition company. Our protein balls are healthy food created from healthy food. Simple ingredients. No preservatives or empty calories. Simple ingredients, simple life.


Thank you to everyone who has supported us. We look forward to keeping you fueled.   


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OG Protein Ball

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3 Pack $6

6 Pack $10

12 Pack $20


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3 Pack $8

6 Pack $12

12 Pack $24


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